Player Spotlight - 11/12/21

Player of the Week - 11/12/21

About Ty 

Ty is a left-handed lead off hitter with speed on the base paths. In the field, he can play any of the three outfield positions. He tracks the ball well and has a good left-handed arm. 

In the classroom, Ty has a 3.8 GPA and is considering majoring in Chemistry in college. He has a goal of playing baseball in college at the highest level that he can. 

Fall 2021 Tournament Highlights

.582 Batting Average (32 for 55 - 8 doubles, 2 triples, 22 singles); 12 RBIs; 36 Stolen Bases; 22 Runs Scored; 4 Outfield Assist.


How would you describe your leadership style on the field at practices and games and in the dugout? 

I am somewhat of an introverted person in general so I naturally lead by example. I really try to do my best in showing and putting off what needs to be done. I have recently been trying to be more of a vocal leader on the field as well.


Ty, you have had a great Fall. What has contributed to you being successful both at the plate and in the field? 

There have been a few things that have contributed to my consistency this Fall, staying calm and knowing what I can do has been a big one. I have also been playing very loose which has given me the ability to play relaxed and calm so I can focus on the game.


The game of baseball is not only about hitting, fielding, and throwing, though. What intangibles do you bring to the field each time you show up? 

Every time I show up to the field I try to bring an intensity and grittiness. Being a smaller guy I don't quite stick out as if I were 6'4, 225 and threw 95, so I need to find a way to be the grittiest and most hard working guy out there. I try to hustle on the bases looking to take an extra base if I can either because of a lazy outfielder or on a wild pitch/past ball. I want my uniform to be dirty at the end of the game because I'm diving for a ball in the outfield or I am aggressive on the bases. I just want to out-hustle and out-practice anyone out there. 

Stand Out

What do you do different than most other typical baseball players? 

I do my best to play every pitch like it is my last because I have figured out that that puts an intensity in my head that I need to get a job done.

Coaches Corner

Coach Pashales - Nevada Sports Academy Executive Director 

Ty is a player who is great to coach and fun to watch.  He is eager to learn and you know you're always going to get his best effort and he will compete and grind every game.  Ty has a never give up attitude and represents our program in the highest form every time he puts on the uniform.  Ty isn't our biggest or fastest athlete on the field but no doubt he has the biggest heart and leads with passion.  Primarily a lead off hitter he works the counts well and always finds a way to grind his way on and is disruptive on the bases. There is no doubt Ty will have continued success at the next level and we are proud to highlight Ty Phillips as our very first player of the week!

Ty's Youtube Page