Player Spotlight - 11/26/21

About Jase

Jase is a right-handed hitter who drives the ball to all parts of the field with power. He is a corner infielder with a strong arm and solid hands. In the classroom, Jase has a 3.5 GPA and would like to major in Architectural Design in college. His goal is to play baseball at the next level.

Fall 2021 Tournament Highlights

Perfect Game Events - .600 Batting Average (27 for 45 - 4 Triples, 8 Doubles, 15 Singles) 22 Runs, 16 RBIs

All Other Events - .491 Batting Average (28 for 57 - 1 Triple, 10 Doubles, 17 Singles) 16 Runs, 17 RBIs

Fall Awards


How would you describe your leadership style on the field at practices, games, and in the dugout?

When I get to the field, I try to keep my team's energy as high as possible. I also always make an effort to keep all my teammates' thoughts positive and maintain a good attitude. I believe that when our team's energy is good we are able to play our best and compete with any team.


What do you think makes you successful on the ball field?

I think that being focused every pitch and having a positive mentality has made me successful on the field. When I'm not on the field I'm training in the gym with Mark at Tim Soder's group and I feel that hard work off the field and my coaches training on the field has helped me elevate my game to make me the player I am today.

Stand Out

When coaches come to watch you, what is something you want to stand out about your play?

When a coach comes out to watch me, I want my enthusiasm, athletic ability, and leadership to stand out. I take pride in my enthusiasm because this is how I get my teammates to stay focused on the game and also enables me to stay loose. 


Jase, every day you come out, you hustle, and set a great example. Who or what is your inspiration?

I wouldn't really say that there is one person that inspires me, it's my family that inspires me the most. They all have always been supportive and all have been great role models to me. I don't even think that I would be able to imagine life without them they are such a big part of my life.

Coaches Corner

Jase is a gamer who loves to compete. He is starting to come into his own and understand the game. As well as he has been playing, he still has a big upside and much more room to grow. When Jase is dialed in he can drive the ball with power to all sides of the field and is able to compete in tight situations. On the bump he has a natural ability to focus on his task of getting hitters out and has been reliable in shutting the door in close games. His fielding, speed, and arm strength continues to progress each season and we are excited to be a part of this young man's journey.  Jase has the potential to do great things on and off the field.  We congratulate Jase on his past achievement and look forward to his continued success. 

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