Player Spotlight - 12/10/21

About Max

Max is a young player with great upside.  Standing at 6'1" he has a strong build who can drive the ball to all fields.  Primarily a corner infield he has speed and quickness to track down balls in the outfield.  Perfect game currently has him ranked in the 95% in his class in velocity with a 1.2 ERA through 17 innings.  In the classroom, Max has a 3.7 GPA and has a goal of being a college athlete and continue his playing career at the highest level.

Fall 2021 Tournament Highlights

Perfect Game Events - .615 Batting Average (32 for 52 - 6 Doubles, 26 Singles) 13 Runs, 20 RBIs / 1.20 ERA in 17.2 Innings

Other Events - .329 Batting Average (28 for 57 - 5 Doubles, 21 Singles) 15 Runs, 19 RBIs, 119 Putouts

Fall Awards


How would you describe your leadership style on the field at practices, games, and in the dugout?

My Leadership style is lead by example.  I always give all of my effort and work hard on the field.  I show respect to my coaches and teamates and have a good attitude.


What do you think makes you successful on the ball field?

I think the time and work I have put in not just during practice with my coaches, but off the field at home with my dad has helped me develop as a player.  I feel like I am a coach-able player and do my best to apply what I have worked on during practice in the game. 

Stand Out

When coaches come to watch you, what is something you want to stand out about your play?

I think that I have always had good composure when in comes to playing sports. I am able to stay calm and focused and not get rattled. I hope that trait stands out to coaches and anyone watching me play


Max, every day you come out, you hustle, and set a great example. Who or what is your inspiration?

My parents inspire me.. my dad and mom have always pushed me to do my best and give 100% on and off the field.  They push me to get better and are always there to support me.  

Coaches Corner

Max is young player who has a baseball maturity beyond his years.  He's a great teammate and is the type of player you want to have on your side in tight games.  Hes able to pitch out of tough situations and seems to never leave runners on base when he is at the plate.  Strong frame who has tremendous upside as a pitcher or hitter.  

As a teammate Max is always picking up his teammates and has a smile on the field.  He truly loves the competition and has the tools to be able to play this game for a very long time at the highest level.