Player SPotlight - 12/24/21

About Lou

Lou is middle infielder who continues to improve and show his interest in competing at the next level. Solid range as a shortstop and has the ability to lead while on the field. As a left handed hitter Louis competes and drives the ball to all sides of the field, he's at his best when he drives the ball to the left center gap and has sneaky pull side pop. Lou has ran a sub 7 second 60 yard sprint and has stretched singles into doubles countless times. On the bump Lou works at a fast pace and when has control of his second and third pitch is hard to hit. Can run it up to low 80's but gets stronger in later innings.

Lou also gets it done in the classroom earning a 3.8 GPA while taking advanced courses. An exciting player to watch and he is working to prove he can compete at the next level. When not on the ball field Lou is training or helping out the younger Nevada Sports Academy Stars athletes at the ball field. Lou is a great athlete but more importantly he is an ambassador for Nevada Sports Academy. We are proud of Lou's accomplishments so far and to select to showcase him as our Player of the Week.

Fall 2021 Tournament Highlights

Perfect Game Events - .432 Batting Average (32 for 74 - 1 Triple, 4 Doubles, 34 Singles) 36 Runs, 10 RBIs / 0.90 ERA in 30.1 Innings with 26K's

Other Events - .329 Batting Average (28 for 57 - 3 Triples, 5 Doubles, 24 Singles) 32 Runs, 5 RBIs

Fall Awards

  • Team Leader

    • Runs Scored

    • Singles

    • Triples

    • Stolen Bases

  • All Tournament Team

    • Perfect Game Veteran's Day Challenge

    • Perfect Game Fight On

    • Perfect Game Triple 7 Shootout

    • Perfect Game Veterans Day Classic

    • Perfect Game Fall National Championship


How would you describe your leadership style on the field at practices, games, and in the dugout?

My leadership on the field affects everyone on the team. I lead by example on and off the field. If I see my teammates slacking off the I try to keep them focused, engaged, and help them to the best of my ability.


What do you think makes you successful on the ball field?

The work that I put in on and off the field. I also have high energy and a positive attitude that helps ensure success. I have to trust the work that I've put in for all these years and have the confidence in myself to be successful on the field.

Stand Out

When coaches come to watch you, what is something you want to stand out about your play?

I That I-out hustle and out-work everyone on the field. I might not be the biggest or the fastest on the field at any given time but I know I will try and give maximum effort on every play. I want coaches to see and know that I always want to leave everything I have on the field.


Who or what is your inspiration?

My parents are what inspire me everyday, whether its my dad taking me to the cages or my mom discussing my past game with me. They are always pushing me to do my best and I can't thank them enough for the opportunities they have given me.

Coaches Corner

Lou is an athlete who is showing more and more potential the more he understands the game and his abilities. if he wants he will play at the next level, he's one of the top middle infielder in his age group and will continue to grow and progress with time and the gym. He's a great student athlete and to us Lou is an OG playing with Nevada Sports Academy since the inception in 2013. Congratulations on being highlighted as Nevada Sports Academy Player of the Week.


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Twitter @Louis_Dion6